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Class Descriptions

Intro Program

These are introductory classes that teach the fundamentals of functional movements used in CrossFit. If you are new to CrossFit, we require attendance in these classes. The Intro Program includes four classes that span throughout one week. Each class covers specific movements that will frequently be used during group classes. A high importance is placed on safety, ensuring that every new member can move forward into group classes with the proper technique and knowledge needed to avoid injury. We also place an emphasis on talking about the overall methodology of CrossFit – why and how it works, how it is different from traditional workout methods, and how to get the most out of your classes with us.

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit classes are the main program that we offer. These classes are performed as a group, led by a coach, and are usually about an hour long. Your coach will properly guide you through a warm-up and stretching process, followed by preparation for the Workout of the Day (WOD). This workout changes every day, and is always comprised of a different combinations of movements. Your coach will ensure the safety and efficiency of each group member through demonstration, observation, and appropriate cueing and feedback. Each member receives the benefit of what is essentially a semi-private session with a trainer. CrossFit classes deliver health and fitness results, and do it in a positive, community atmosphere. On-ramp IS required for this class.

One-on-one Sessions 

Our one-on-one sessions are essentially personal training sessions, still taught with the CrossFit methodology. These sessions are personalized to each individual and what their specific goals may be. Whether it is to complete a mud run, become an olympic lifter, or just be more comfortable running after your kids, one-on-one sessions offer the individualized attention that you may need. Athletes can choose to follow the CrossFit group class workouts or have their own workouts programmed specifically for them.

Olympic Lifting Classes 

"Oly" classes spend the hour solely focusing on the olympic lifts; the snatch, and the clean and jerk. These classes allow athletes to spend more time and attention on the fine details of their olympic lifts and run through more drills and skills than that is allowed during a faster paced CrossFit group class. Anyone with an unlimited membership can attend the olympic lifting classes for no extra charge.

CrossFit KIDS

It is our goal to ensure that your child has a fun-filled, yet challenging, experience with us as we encourage them to move towards an improved level of fitness.  Each session will consist of a wide variety of games that are interwoven with skill work.  Your child will stay actively engaged, eagerly participating while being constantly monitored for safety and ability.  It is our goal for each child who participates in the CFGF Kids program to improve their level of fitness, while working cooperatively with other children and adults, building teamwork and improving communication skills.