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Class Descriptions

Group Classes:

This is the most popular way to practice CrossFit. Each class is ran by a coach who explains the WOD, demos the movements of the day, corrects your technique as needed, and encourages you throughout the workout. Group classes are the main reason why CrossFit works. It’s all about community, building relationships with your coaches and other members, having fun and getting fit together.

Personal Training:

If your goals are more specific, or you don’t do well in groups, Personal Training Sessions might be a better fit for you. Classes are still one hour, and still ran by your coach. However, 100% of the coaches attention is on you. Perhaps you’re training for a Spartan Race. Maybe you just want more one-on-one time for the basics before jumping into group classes. Whatever it may be, Personal Training sessions are a great option. Each session is $35 for the hour, with the option to buy 9 session and get 1 free.

Specialty Classes:

Throughout the year, we offer specialty classes such as Olympic Lifting, and Gymnastics. These classes are usually arranged to take place once every other week for a given amount of time, say 10 sessions for example. These classes allow for dedicated time to improve some higher skill movements such as the Snatch and Clean & Jerk for Olympic Lifting, and pull-ups, handstands, and toes-to-bar for Gymnastics.


CrossFit KIDS classes are available for children ages 5-13. Classes are every Saturday 8:15-9:00am, and the first class is always free. Head over to our KIDS page for more details about this program.